Wednesday, September 25, 2013


            “Lady, are you still on the phone?” My host asked,  feigning annoyance. I figured I was poolside, she was picking in her vegetable garden, so I might as well pick up my phone and call a few friends. She kept picking and I kept talking and didn’t even notice that she was now weeding a garden near the pool.
            I was being rude.  Instead of taking a dip, I took a dive into one of the most popular, tacky activities a houseguest can do - making and receiving calls all weekend long.  Your friend’s home isn’t really your home away from home. When they say make yourself at home, they’re not saying, “Make calls all weekend at your convenience, don’t mind us. Wave when you’re hungry.”
            Left to our devices we’re ruining our quality time and disrespecting others in their own homes.  It’s not like I was making deals at the pool with my agent that couldn’t wait. I don’t have an agent. (I’m looking.)
 If you have pressing business maybe you should opt for another weekend, make your calls in the comfort of your own home.  But if you’re a guest of really rich people, you’ll probably have your own little house, in that case, it’s just you and making a call here and there in between meals or activities is fine. No need to carry your phone as if it’s an evening clutch to the big house.
            How sad are we that our closest companion is our cell phone? We hold it more than we hold the hands of loved ones. 
            Have plans to go away this weekend?  Go, take it easy and take it easy on your phone. It’s getting tired.


Anonymous said...

Still can't believe people don't turn off their phones at dinner parties.

Unknown said...

Great post! This is true too not only at dinner parties but should hold true through dinner. I have a friend who always answers her phone during dinner and it is people just calling to chat. It is irritating....