Thursday, October 4, 2012


We overheard this snippet of conversation last week on a crosstown bus. “This woman asked me if I would get up and give her my seat. I told her she didn’t look disabled or anything. I didn’t get up,” said a teenager to another girl about the same age.  She seemed almost proud of herself for standing up to a woman who should have been sitting down.

Oh, did we mention the teenagers were sitting in seats reserved for the elderly or physically challenged? Pregnant women can use a seat on a bumpy bus ride too.

Earphones seem to be the great savior to young people today. Plug in and tune out and look down at your knees, close your eyes for extra measure so you’ll never have to give up a seat to someone old enough to be your grandmother.

Our mother is 82 years old. Thankfully, she’s not disabled but would graciously accept a seat if offered or would offer her seat if she saw someone who needed it more than she. That’s what happens when children are taught manners, they take them with them over a lifetime.

 Do you know where your kid’s manners are?