Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Petitetiquette: Changing Tables? by Yvonne

Don’t like the table you’re shown to in a restaurant? That’s okay but it’s not if you choose another without asking the host before sitting down. 
This could be the best table in the house but wait until it looks like the best table.

And it’s even worse to sit down at a table that hasn’t been cleared and cleaned yet.  Save that sort of behavior for cafeteria dining.

Monday, January 12, 2015


A couple of years ago, I posted a piece about the new welcome mat – puddles of urine compliments of entitled dogs and their owners.  The situation has worsened at least where I live on the Upper East Side, aka Silk Stocking District. Heh. 


Something about high rent, condo, and maintenance fees just don’t seem to mesh with dried pee stains. In fact, it shouldn’t be the case in any part of the city. 

“Try telling that to a dog with a broken leg,” explained a neighbor whose dog left his mark two steps out of the front door.  I suggested that she carry a small bottle of water and do a quick rinse. “How am I supposed to carry that?” Hmm, she seems to manage when she takes a run in the park with her dog when his leg is fine.

Can you imagine coming home on a warm summer’s evening and being greeted with that putrid smell of dried urine?  It’s dreadful, much like some subway stations.

“They should rinse the sidewalk down a few times a day,” another neighbor said as she nodded her head toward a doorman. Really?  Not even a Lady of Downton Abbey would display such disregard for another human being.

Sorry about the pissy air of the first post of 2015, but it is apropos to the subject. What do you think?