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Updated: The Gift You Keep Giving By Yvonne

Just over a month ago, I was at a friend's home for a brunch celebrating my birthday along with two other friends. At a certain point, I saw something very familiar on the table.  A gift I'd given to her more than a year ago! It was soap in a beautifully designed box I chose specifically because her bedroom has the same colors.

We don't like re-gifting. We think it's rude and inconsiderate and takes the thoughtfulness out of giving. People, at least we do, take great care in choosing gifts, it's not about the cost, it's about the sentiment. Many look at a present as something to cherish, re-gifters look at presents as mere stuff. It wasn't good enough for them so it's good enough to give it to someone else. Has anyone ever re-gifted Hermes scarves or Chanel bag? Please let us know.

Re-gifting can be hurtful. Once, I gave a friend a beautiful music box that played her favorite song. I was so happy when I found it and didn't care that it was more than what I had planned to spend. She gave it to someone else and had no problems telling me. It gets me to start thinking if we really know our friends. Or if they're friends at all.

If someone gives you something you really don't want or need, ask if it's all right for you to return it. Or if there's a gift receipt, return it to the store and get something else and let them know how thankful you were for the gift and you were able to get something you really needed.

Before you go shopping for others in your closets, cabinets and dresser drawers, think about it and think about something outside the gift box that didn't come from another gift box.