Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If you buy into the phrase, “curses like a sailor”, there are a lot of sailors out of uniform amongst us, no matter where you live. We can safely assume that we have all used some of ‘those’ words, and will continue to use them when they serve us. We use them as exclamation points, expressions of disbelief, pain and anger or just because a cuss word seemed right at the time. Let’s examine the time.

What you say or do in your home is your business. Even when you have company, you own your words in your home, if someone doesn’t like your style of language they don’t have to accept your invitation. But understand if the invitation isn't reciprocated. We know a couple who don't tolerate any use of profanity in their home even if you're good friend.

It’s not uncommon on New York City trains and buses to hear young and not so young people lace their conversations with profanity. “Some respect, please?” Yvonne softly asked a young man who thought his vulgar story about a buddy of his was so entertaining he told it twice to his grinning friends (one was a young woman). “I’m sorry,” he said. His friends looked embarrassed for him and he was. We don’t suggest that you try this with most strangers but Yvonne felt safe in approaching him because the guy didn’t look crazy and he and his friends were well dressed. His apology was earnest. Maybe as a child he’d heard an adult use the same profanity in public and thought it was all right. Maybe cursing was the standard in his home. James Baldwin did say when you open your mouth, the way you speak will tell everything about you (he was referring to how the British can figure you out just by how you speak).

We don’t buy into the double standard that it’s worse when a woman curses. A woman calling another woman out of her name is just as bad as a man doing the same. And if you don’t like your newly appointed name, just simply re-introduce yourself without anger. They’ll get the hint, no need to fuel the fire because oftentimes they has been fueled with alcohol. Ever had a soft drink or cup of coffee with someone and they start cursing you out?

Once a year, we have Fleet Week in New York; sailors are all over the town. They seem to be having a good time and as far as we can hear and tell, they’re not cursing like sailors at least not as much as those ‘other’ sailors.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On Valentine's Day, expectations run high, so do the prices of roses, dinner and baubles. Last year, we wrote a post of dos and don'ts for Valentine's Day. In light of what's happened in Haiti, we thought it would be trite to discuss the etiquette of Valentine's Day.

We told you about The Sweetest Day, a special day celebrated in Ohio that's not just about bon-bons. Instead of the usual gifts, cards and meals, Ohioans choose this day to do something for less fortunate people. Their lack of fortune has nothing to do with their romantic status. It has everything to do with the fact that many have little to nothing.

It would be inappropriate for us to pressure you into giving for any cause but we have a suggestion - this year, how about we give the many Haitians in distress The Sweetest Day. How's that for a show of love?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It seems to be no surprise that Kanye West was most frequently nominated for our first annual Rudey Awards. In fact, so many of our followers mentioned him, we have decided to give him the distinctive, Rudey Hall of Shame award. This suggestion comes from a fan and follower of ours in Chicago. We don’t think Mr. West will lose any sleep over this - that would be way too gentlemanly.

Our good friend, Nancy Miller, nominated the following:

Sarah Palin for creating a public nuisance

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for smoking in public

Rush Limbaugh for air pollution

Donald Trump for hair pollution

Rudy Guiliani just for having a name that sounds like Rudey

Our friend, Bruce Hopman of the site Parody & Sons weighed in with his nominations:

Best Show Acceptance Speech by a non-award winner: Kanye West

Best Impression of a six year old: Senator Joe Wilson

From a certain popular Washington journalist:

“Hello, Michael Steele?”

From author-journalist Stephen Silverman:

Supreme Court Justice Alito for nodding his head and moving his mouth during President Obama’s State of the Union speech

And, hello, Michael Steele

We also would like to give Rudey Special Mention Awards to:

Persistent Double Dippers

Dog owners with excessively long leashes

Parents who think the dirt on their children’s soles don’t soil furniture

Adults who think the dirt on their soles don’t soil furniture (in homes and restaurants)

People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom and go digging into the nut bowl

Phone calls and emails of no returns especially from potential employers

“Walk faster old man!” Younger drivers who think they’ll never get old

And finally, employers who upon firing employees will actually suggest that it’s a good thing (see Up In The Air, recent unemployment and foreclosure figures)