Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time to Exhale

We wish you and your manners all the best, we're taking ours away with us.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


“People think that clothing optional places are a sexual free for all. They are not, in fact you see nuclear families as well as extended families,” explained a friend of ours who vacations with her husband at a clothing optional resort.

Stephen Payne, Managing Director of Club Orient in St. Martin, points out that the beauty of nudists is that they’re not hiding behind labels or fancy accessories. “People need clothes to tell the world who they are. A nudist doesn’t have clothes to fall back on. The wealthy guy isn’t looked at or treated any differently than a junior salesman here.” He’s amused when women in tiny bikinis talk about the lack of modesty in nudist communities.

Listening to Payne, (His family was once elected The Nudist Family of the Year by The American Association of Recreation.) talk about nudism and its origins is fascinating. When we spoke to him, he was fully dressed because he works in reception and not everyone paying a visit is a nudist.
Courtesy of Club Orient

As in any society, there are some ground rules and tips. Our friend and Payne shared a few.

• Towels are a must when sitting on any surface, that’s an absolute rule.

• No pictures (French law) or inappropriate acting out.  If the mood strikes, go to your room.

• When talking to someone directly, all eyes should be on the face. Of course it’s human nature to look but not as if you’re checking out merchandise.

• Generally, many cover up for dinner but it’s not mandatory, of course. Men and women wear sarongs. How a woman wears hers depends on the mood. If it’s a sheer sarong, it’s worn from the chest down, if not, the trend is from the waist down.

• When it comes to complimenting someone’s body, it’s usually inappropriate although it’s acceptable for one to say that someone is in great shape.
Courtesy of Club Orient

For more information, visit Club Orient’s site at www.cluborient.com. Clothing is optional.

* This ran last year, we thought it was appropriate to post it again due to warm temperatures.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Spring has come and gone, the daffodils popped up and so did something else – women’s thongs rising above their low waist jeans, pants, or skirts. Now, we're in the dog days of summer and the thong show continues.

What does this have to do with etiquette? Etiquette includes dress code, what’s appropriate and what’s not. Showing a garment wherein all roads lead to you know where, begs attention from the fashion police. It’s one thing to see a mass of thong wearers on a beach in Rio, but it’s another thing or sight to see on the streets of any community.

We’ve covered (heh) sagging pants, when silly men show us their drawers. Yvette wonders what came first for daily public viewing, men’s underwear or the thong? We’re not sure but one thing we know, enough is enough. Anyone have a gong handy?