Wednesday, September 21, 2011


            This is so gross, we’ll be brief. The other day, one of us had lunch with a very nice group of people.  One of the women felt so comfortable with all these nice people that she tucked one leg under the other exposing the filthy sole of her shoe.  Surely, she didn’t have any intention of ruining our lunch but every time we looked at our handbag or had to dig for something, we had to see her sole and it was ugly.
            In some cultures, and ours should be included, it’s rude to show someone the soles of your dirty feet or shoes. 
            We propose a new day, Keep Your Feet Flat on the Ground Day, starting right now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Two of our near and dear friends, both men, recently married. For them, it was the natural thing to do. However, there have been some interesting observations and clearly there are some kinks to work out, not on their part but on the part of friends, family, and acquaintances.

They have been teasingly referred to as, “Husband and Husband.” They have been asked, “Which one is Spouse A and which one is Spouse B?” This is how same sex marriage titles are referred to on the marriage license. Talk about odd. “Hi, I’m Spouse A, has my significant Spouse B arrived, yet?”

“We want to be continued to be known by our first names,” said one of the couple. “I don’t need to call him my husband to validate our relationship.” He points out that their marriage made legal something they’ve believed in for 30 years.

Note, we are not making any couple of the same sex wrong for wanting to give themselves titles but it’s up to them and before you assign them these titles ask, “How would you like to be referred to?”

And one more thing, imagine if someone asked you in front of your significant other, “So when are you getting married?” This is a highly personal question, not casual cocktail party chatter. It’s in bad form to ask any kind of couple this question, as bad as, “So, when are you two going to have children?”

Let’s celebrate and honor all marriages with sensitivity and the utmost respect. Equality, it’s a beautiful thing.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Four Tips for Guests and Hosts

Some of us are going away to be guests in someone’s home. Some of us are staying close to home and either planning a barbecue or going to one.

We chose what we thought were the top four dos for both guests and hosts.


1. If you’re contributing a dish to a barbecue, arrive on time. If you’re an overnight guest, arrive at a decent time.

2. Offer to help but don’t insist to the point of becoming annoying.

3. Always take something (a bottle of wine, a dessert, fruit).

4. Extra guests? Ask first.


1. Make sure you’re ready for your guests when they arrive.

2. Be aware of any food allergies especially if you’re planning on baking a pecan pie.

3. Accept help from guests if they offer but remember they are guests.

4. Instead of over scheduling and planning, let the party or weekend flow at its own pace.