Sunday, February 17, 2013

FYI, Too, Too Much Information By Yvonne

Overheard at a trendy restaurant, "Can I have a tissue, please, to spit out my gum?" The waiter didn't wince as he handed the chewer a small napkin.  No doubt, he's heard worse - more than he needs to hear or know and now handle.

Too much information can be gross. I'm thinking of an acquaintance who was so disgusted with a hotel bathroom she decided to pee in the tub.  She actually shared this information as if it were a tip to remember.  I was dying to ask if she relieved herself before or after showering and if she cleaned the tub or at least gave it a good rinse. That would have only led to more too much information.

Too much information can be a turnoff.  Telling a potential love interest that you feel too bloated to go out isn't a great beginning. Who wants to imagine you bloated?

We're all guilty of sharing too much, don't despair. TMI isn't as bad as a gaffe.  Depending on the company you're in, you can say, "Excuse me, I didn't mean to be so gross." If you were trying to close a deal, say nothing and pray.  And also pray that you're not in the company of a blogger.


Anonymous said...

This is great! I actually really liked your posting on "too much information" also!

TJB said...

At least said customer actually asked for a tissue (although we're in agreement that they didn't need to specify what it was for!). I was seated next to a most disagreeable woman a few weeks ago, who made life absolutely miserable for the staff. She sent back two brands of bottled sparkling water, insisting on a brand they did NOT carry, until finally settling on -- prepare yourself! -- plain old club soda. (Which she should have just ordered in the first place, because her issue with the others were that they were too "soft" and not sufficiently carbonated.) She petulantly refused to order a glass of wine, because none of the selections she deigned to consider were still uncorked. She was miffed because a weekday dinner item was not available for her at Sunday brunch. And to cap it one point she took the piece of gum from her mouth and STUCK IT UNDER HER TABLE. It was fascinating and grotesque to witness.