Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Open Letterquette To A Few Soul Cyclists

*Letterquette is something new we’ll do from time to time. We’ll address specific situations, people and events related to civility or lack of.

Dear Soul Cyclists,

I’m the woman standing next to you many mornings getting her caffeine fix on as you do. The only thing, I’m on my way to work and haven’t worked up a sweat as you have. I have showered and it appears you have not.

I am the woman who frowns and moves away from you, your body glistening and dripping with sweat. I have a question, why don’t you towel off with the towels provided by the studio? Is the cost prohibitive? Are you allowed to bring your own towels? Or do you think it’s okay to come into a food establishment sweated up to the nines?

Would it be okay with you if one of your fellow cyclists worked at that particular Starbucks and at the end of the session went directly behind the counter and started serving up drinks?

Thankfully, the winter works out better because the jackets and coats come out and stay on inside.  Soon, with warming temperatures, you’ll be back wearing your cycling gear without much more except for  that annoying accessory, Perspiration by You.

I respect you for doing the work for a healthier life. I hope you can respect this concept, the next time you go into any establishment after a workout of any kind, No Sweat.


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