Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Peanuts recently at The Beach Cafe
Recently, I was having drinks with a friend and at a certain point some peanuts seemed like a good idea. The bartender gave us a fresh scoop (we hope) out of a big tin.  I asked for a spoon to take small amounts and put them into my hand.

I don’t want you to ruminate on this too much, I’ve done that for you, but when serving nuts and other nibbles you should really place a spoon in the bowl or cup they’re being served in.  Of course, we all know only nice people who wash their hands before peanut diving, but besides stubborn germs the taste of hand sanitizer or lotion could ruin a perfect heap of nuts.

That’s why many diners provide spoons in the bowl of complimentary mints near the door.  That’s why the next time you go to a bar and feel like some peanuts, it’s perfectly correct to ask for a spoon.  Of course, you could get laughed out of a dive but you shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

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