Sunday, November 25, 2012


What is it about women and bathrooms? Why are ladies’ rooms in general so unladylike?  Toilet paper that missed the bowl is on the floor, toilets aren’t flushed and the worst - telltale signs of what time of the month it is are left behind. And because many women prefer to squat instead of sitting (This is perfectly understandable.) seats are often left wet. And if you choose to use a toilet seat cover it turns into an instant blotter.

These days, toilet flushing seems to be left up to the toilet.  It appears that many users walk out and never look behind them to make sure the automatic toilet did what it was supposed to do automatically. It takes one quick glimpse to make sure the coast is clear for the next user.

Ironically, the ‘beauty’ of automatic flushing toilets was to offer a more sanitary bathroom experience. Ha!

The next time you use a facility, think about the women and men whose job it is to keep bathrooms clean. They shouldn’t have to finish your unfinished business.

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