Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 “If it’s a good friend, you should tell her, “ a friend said when asked what would she do if someone she knew doused herself with too much perfume.  “If not, just open a window.”

Joy, our resident wealthy living adviser had to tell her best friend one day that her expensive perfume was making her car sick and nauseous. “She understood and chose our friendship over the perfume.”  It doesn’t really matter how much a man or woman pays for a bottle of fragrance, too much is just plain too much. 

“To me,” said Yvette, “perfume should be a surprise. Someone gives you a hug and suddenly realizes and likes the scent. Perfume shouldn’t announce someone’s arrival.”

Once a scent seeker always a scent seeker, man or woman even in a car - the person using ounces and ounces of perfume a day thinks nothing of festooning his/her car with smelly little trees or scented clips that fit onto vents.

Yvette’s advice is to say nothing.  I think I’d go along with the good friend route and say something because too much perfume can be so nauseating it becomes a stinky proposition.  

What would you say?


Anonymous said...

I have a male co-worker who wears the strongest cologne in a shared office with many other people. When he's in the office I have to open the door or leave the office and work elsewhere until he leaves. He often sprays himself while in the office adding more to what he already has on. I really need to figure out a delicate way to let him know that his cologne is overpowering and makes it difficult to work in the same room with him. Any suggestions. Not saying anything is not a good idea.

thnkgwmn said...

I am allergic to many fragrances so I have to tell a friend that I cannot be near them when they wear an offending fragrance. I believe the offender would want to know!