Tuesday, November 1, 2011


These straws are a bit fat, imagine the slender, red elegant ones.
I never really know what to do with straws in cocktails because I usually drink wine. But, tonight I had a Lillet (Okay, two.) with my friend, Tom. It came in a wine glass on the rocks with a slice of orange and two skinny straws.

“Should we use the straws?” I asked. My inclination was to use it as a stirrer, not that anything needed stirring because I wasn’t going to add the orange and poke the juices out of it in my glass.

We sipped our drinks with the straws. Nice and it was a great way to avoid a bunch of ice slapping upside my upper lip. It’s fine to use a straw even if it’s not a mixed cocktail with an umbrella. If you don’t want to use one, take it out of the glass and place it on the cocktail napkin. But once you’ve decided to not use a straw, no picking it up and chewing on it or digging around in your mouth. Cheers!

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