Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Maybe they’re too busy hanging onto their jobs. Maybe they don’t have the time (lame excuse). Maybe they just don’t have manners (good excuse). The employed don’t seem to be employing manners these days.

What should you do when you’ve called and/or emailed several times about a job without any response? You could send one more email explaining that you don’t want to become a pest and if they could let you know if the job isn’t available, you won’t bother them anymore. This seems to get some reaction because you have become a pest of sorts but nice enough to make it easy for them to let you know they won’t be employing you anytime soon.

“I didn’t like the air of dismissiveness during the whole process,” said one friend who is now happily employed. “I found, when I was looking, that there was a lack of compassion and civility.”

Then there are the rare ones. The employers who had no job to offer you but picked up the phone or emailed back and without giving false hope, they gave you something to hope for and showed you that there is compassion out there. Most likely they were in your position once upon a time.

So, if you’re fortunate to have a 9 to 5, take your manners with you, they come in handy 24/7, we hope not, but you may see what we mean one day.


Anonymous said...

well...they can take the time ...and call everybody....which will probably take half of their day

with the quantity of resumes that pile up on thedesk....or take the time and look at some more

resumes..and hopefully find someone to hire....and start creating more over manners...

and after you send a thank you..then they've got to send another thank you for the thank you....

and then you'd probably need to send a thank you for the thank you to the thank you....

where does it all end......i think it's ridiculous...if you don';t didn't get hired.....

it's the way it'd done in the acting business...better they take the time...and keep looking ..that way

they'll see more people....and employers can spend more time hiring opposed to sending

thank you's and no thank yous.... thank -you....A

Anonymous said...

Yvette replies:

This is a good point and makes sense looking from the other side.

I think most people will send a thank you or leave a message and leave it alone if they don't hear back. Still, if someone is sending an email to say thank you, it doesn't take a chunk of time out of one's day to reply "you're welcome" I don't see how not answering a simple thank you note impede your hiring someone else.

The comparison with the acting profession is unfair, totally different situation.

I wonder if the writer is employed or an employer? This would explain it all.