Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eating Like No Tomorrow In Public

Eating in public is an unfortunate act. It's okay if you're at a block party or street fair. You can eat all the fried, doughy stuff you want. Some people think eating meals while walking down the street or sitting on a bus or a train is acceptable behavior. If you've ever sat next to someone having corn chips on public transportation, you know better.  Fried fish on the run could make you run too.

Recently, we saw a teenager happily eating fries out of a greasy bag and when she was finished, she licked her fingers with gusto. This after touching the poles in the subway car and who knows what else in the subway station.  Want some germs with those fries? 

Walking down the street eating food, even an innocent ice cream cone, is dangerous. It's a fact that we are vulnerable when we eat and walk at the same time.  It's to the mugger's advantage that you chow down in public.  As for ice cream, it's great street food but walk with someone while you licking it. It's safer and it won't look so sad.  

So what's a hungry man or woman to do?  If you're very hungry and can't wait until you get to where you're going, stay in the pizza parlor or find a corner in the sandwich shop. You can look for a nearby park. Never eat on a bus or train unless you're under five years old or if you're having a medical episode. If someone sitting next to you is eating corn chips and you want to say something, you must be very careful that the person isn't crazy. Better that you find another seat. Maybe you can throw them a look as you dramatically get up and quickly remove yourself from the area.

Food is coming at us these days from all different directions. That doesn't mean that it should be eaten in all directions.


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Anonymous said...

Oh sure, easy for you to say...you're THIN!!!