Wednesday, October 15, 2014



 Oftentimes, people have the need to assume who’s who in the family when they meet people they don't know.  A common faux pas is when an older man is with a younger woman and someone asks, “Is this your daughter?”  

That's me on the left, and my daughter on the right.

The other night I was at a Knicks game with my twin, Yvette (Did you see us on the Jumbotron?).  We had pretty good seats, two men in front asked if we wanted to swap seats so they can sit closer to their friends next to us.

They helped Yvette climb over to a seat. And then one said, “We’ll help your mother, don’t worry.”  I would be the mother. Yvette told him I was her sister. He said I must be someone’s mom. I told him, “I’m barren.”

Maybe this wasn’t the most elegant response. But the lesson here is don’t assume that when you meet people they’re related. You’ll find out when proper introductions are made, be patient. It’s not a guessing game. No need to grow family trees.

Listen to me, mother knows best.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


A friend suggested that I should talk about people with manners for a change. He’s right.

  •   Today, a woman stopped texting just in time to avoid crashing into me
  •   “Watch out for the people,” a parent yelled as her kid sped down the street on his scooter.
  •   A man held a door for me.
  •    A woman put her toddler on her lap so that an older person could sit.
  •   A teenager offered me his seat on a train.
  •    I received a handwritten thank you note from a newlywed couple.
  •    A recruiter returned an email.
  •    Another recruiter returned a phone call!
  •    A perfect stranger paid me a compliment.
Have you seen any good manners? Please share, we can never have to many. Thanks!