Wednesday, September 7, 2016


TWOT! For a split second I thought my friend was calling a former friend a bad name, as I had described an email they'd sent  me. I called it an evilmail.

 “TWOT?” “The Wonders of Technology,” she explained. “People don’t think they have to pick up the phone anymore, just send an email or a text for anything – an apology, a thank-you, an issue they’re having with you, etc. Why be a grown up or display manners and pick up the phone?”

That people hide behind their emails is nothing new. We’ve all received that email that makes us scratch our head and then reply making the other person scratch their head because of course every word they wrote was right. And if it hurt, well they didn’t write it for their health or maybe they did, they needed to unload. So, somewhere in the middle of the night they decided to hijack your inbox.

What many don’t understand in this TWOT age is that vicious email you self-righteously sent is modern day bullying. Bullying today has little to do with schoolyard beefs. It can prove to be dangerous.

Think before you send. Do you really want those words to last forever? Would you want that email forwarded to people you don’t know and now they know something about you that they didn’t before? In this litigious society we live in, you don’t want to see a print out of that email presented during a deposition.

TWOT is here to stay, and so is every email we send.