Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Children Sit Still In The Wrong Place By Yvonne

I watched these two kids sit in seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. Neither child fit these criteria. They sat quietly and well behaved as seniors walked by searching for seats. One woman looked as if she were about to ask, thought about it and moved on.

Their mother was sitting nearby. Most likely she suggested they sit there, this way she could see them. I get it, to her it's a safety measure. To me, it's a shame. And then we wonder why adults displaying poor manners day in and day out is the status quo.

I'm sure they were good kids, they were just doing what they were told. That, they did.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Lounge Club Room
Alan Linn’s private club The Norwood is a special experience spanning five floors in a well-appointed town house.  Private clubs can be excruciatingly stuffy and overloaded with a sense of entitlement –excuse my generalization.

He recently told me what it takes to be a member and what he expects from members.

What is the one expectation you have of all club members?
That they are still curious and open to meeting new creatives in New York and to come try out new things whether it be documentaries, wine tasting, life drawing, informative talks or just sitting in a roomful of interesting people.

Do people name drop to get in? How is that handled?
It is not who they know, that is not important to us. It’s more about what they can contribute to the club and what we can offer them.
What's the most common mistake they make, if any?
As long as they respect our staff and Club rules such as no cell phones or photography, in common Club areas we're pretty tolerant.  The Norwood is an Arts Club, not an old school stuffy club. Dress code is not important to us as different members' professions dictate their style.

Is tipping any different from a private club to one that's not?
No, I don’t think so but it’s probably better as members get to know the staff. Many are connected on social media like Facebook so I think they’re are more than fair when it comes to tipping.

How does your staff or you deal with the sense of entitlement that some private club members can have?
I don’t think we take on members with the attitude of a sense of entitlement. We take that into consideration when we interview prospective members.
If it arises, we have a talk with them and if that doesn't work we refund their membership and kindly say we do not think this is the right club for them.

Who is your ideal member and why?
Collaborators and creators I never name names that why we are private

Would you allow yourself into The Norwood?
Unlike Groucho Marx, I would join a club that would allow me membership, and I think I am an ideal member who likes meeting folks, educating myself on new art, music, film, and food and as a Scotsman a wee dram or two.

Do people put their feet on the furniture? Is that addressed?
I would personally say "Oi get your feet off the furniture" with a cheeky smile. I fear no one.