Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In light of the holiday season, we have a question? What is it about shrimp that makes people go crazy? The next time you go to a cocktail party, watch what happens when a tray of shrimp comes through. There's nothing wrong with liking shrimp, but when you start running after it, there's something wrong with you. A well planned cocktail party has a plan. The caterer has received a head count and has figured out how many times each hors d'oeurve will be passed to each person. There should be enough for everyone, that's if some guests haven't taken the liberty of inviting people not officially invited by the hosts. So, just be patient and trust that you will be served. Never run after the food.

Never double dip. Dumplings are very popular and so is the sauce that's usually served with them. If it's a small, bite sized dumpling, one dip is enough. If it's a larger dumpling, you can dip one side and eat it. Turn it to the other side and dip again but never on the side you just ate from. The same goes for crudite and the sacred shrimp. Double dipping is sort of like a stranger taking a bite out of your food and putting in back on your plate.  And remember, few people arrive at a cocktail party and wash their hands before touching the food. 

Cocktail hour at weddings can be very misleading by the abundance of food.  The plates are small so it doesn't take much to pile them high with food. It's all right to return and get a fresh plate, especially if there are several stations. When dinner is announced simply leave the plate on a table. No need to walk into dinner with food.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We'd like to talk about another sensitive subject that’s also a much-needed natural function - bowel movements

"If you gotta go, you gotta go." We've all heard that one many times. And it's true and you should but it could be uncomfortable if you're not comfortable. What to do if you’re visiting the home of a date for the first time? Do you hold on or just do it? And after you do it, what do you do?

We feel your pain. But we think that when nature calls you must answer. If you have an urgent need due to a bad tummy, just say so. "I feel awful, but I think I have to use your bathroom." He or she will understand. If there’s more than one bathroom maybe they’ll direct you to one where you’ll feel you have more privacy. No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, they will appreciate that you're human too.

So go. When you're finished, if there is room fragrance, use it. Make sure the toilet bowl is clean. Wash your hands thoroughly and come out smiling with relief. If your date has any manners, they will ask, "I hope you're feeling better." If they're really classy, they'll add, "I know how uncomfortable that can feel, are you all right?" Reassure them that you're fine, and move on. (smile)
Whatever you do, don't stay in the bathroom until all evidence has disappeared. You may be in for a long haul.

We are not dietitians but good eating habits can help you avoid these kinds of intrusions. Maybe you want to look into food combining for better digestion. We digress.

Don't make people wrong because they have to use your facilities for things you find unpleasant. Going to the bathroom isn't the worst thing they can do in your home.
And that's all we have to say on the subject.