Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Huma Abedin Doesn’t Need Friends’ Opinions

We had planned to write a post about inappropriate questions people innocently ask men and women who are not in relationships, e.g. “Why don’t you have anyone?” That tops our silly question list and we will get back to it.

On Monday, a politician, Ms. Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, admitted to inappropriate behavior.

We hope that distant acquaintances aren’t trying to reach out her to find out more dirt. This happened to Yvonne years ago when she was humiliated by a boyfriend. He married another woman and didn’t get around to telling her. As news of the marriage spread, people Yvonne hadn’t heard from in years began to call as if they’d by chance ran across her phone number. She appreciated the friends who stayed close to her without a word or very few. “I knew there were real friends and my family standing close by, ready to catch me if I fell.”

We hope that instead of an email, friends and associates and even so-called friends will reach out to her with kind, supportive words on paper.

We hope that they are not offering suggestions as to what she should do about him or their marriage, unless she's asked.

And we hope they are not calling him names and sharing them with her. He’s her husband, with all due respect.


Lynda said...

Well said ladies. What she needs is support from friends and family not folks being nosey fishing for information to use against her by gossiping. People should reach out if they genuinely care about someone and really support them when they are emotionally hurting.

Anonymous said...

so enjoy your insights!
Keep sending!

Anonymous said...

The first thing is to not take sides as we don't know the details of their relationship. Leave it alone. I am not casting judgment on him as I only know what the scandal-hungry media wants. The so-called "moralists" (love to see inside their closets) have already cast judgment.

What he did via social media, well, many do and that's fine for many. However, being a US representative, it's easy to say that he should have thought before he "almost showed." He didn't think. To me, his mistake was denying that it took place.

In all honesty, in my opinion, we in this country spend too much time pointing fingers. This energy should be spend on telling our representatives what we the people want for our country in terms of jobs, the economy, our involvement in world affairs and on down the line.

Most of us don't do that. Most of us are so comfortable sitting back waiting to see who's checking out who and then speak as if we've done nothing untoward in our own lives. If we the people were more responsible in speaking to our representatives rather than sitting back on the couch, this country would be a much better place than it is now.

Let's face it, most people have gone on the downlow at one point or another. From presidents and prime ministers, to kings and queens and down to the common folk, it's happened and will continue to happen.

We should be more like the French where when one of their prime ministers was laid to rest, both the wife and the mistress were at the funeral at the same time and both had places of respect at the service.

We Americans spend too much time living in our Puritanical past and allowing fundamentalists to dictate our way of life. Remember folks, fundamentalism of any kind leads to fascism. Anyone recall WWII?

Enough already. He did what he did. Let him and his wife sort it out. It's none of our business and to those who say it is, I say, he did what he did and just like with Bill Clinton, those who have done a good job in public office will survive.

To be quite frank, I don't care what he does in his private life as long as his legislation work is good and from what I see it is.

Should he be forced from office, he should look to former NY Governor, Elliot Spitzer. He left office in disgrace and now has a TV show on CNN. We must remember that what politicians do has a very short memory in the eye of the public. Elliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton are two examples.

Anonymous said...

Enough already.

Warning: digression coming.

Why is the press spending so much time on this story. What about the 85 year old woman who was sexually assaulted 2 weeks ago? Her predator was a known sex offender who was out and about for 49 weeks, no one knew where he was. Now that's a story worth investigating. This is far more important than a politician's huge lapse in judgement. What's happened to this country?