Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Apparently, it’s not up to you. Just this morning, a woman was standing on line with sweat dripping from her chin! She had no shame or towel. She was perfectly at ease having strutted her sweat from the cycling place (the cool place to be these days) a few doors away.

A runner friend of ours confessed to once going into a coffee shop after a run and sensed that it was rude. “I grabbed a bunch of napkins and wiped off as best I could before I got on line.” 

If gyms demand that we wipe down the equipment after use, should coffee shops and restaurants demand that those who are fresh from exercising wipe off before entering? YES. Many of these offenders think nothing of taking a seat to enjoy their beverage without considering that the next person who comes along may not want to sit on a moist seat. Seems like with pumped up endorphins comes a sense of pumped up entitlement.

There’s little recourse when you see someone sweating like the lady on line this morning. No doubt, they would be offended if you offered them a tissue. They know they’re sweating, they paid good money for it. So, we suggest that you look the other way and before you sit down, wipe off your seat. Don’t do it with a look of disdain or shaking your head furiously. Accept that it’s just another example of how anything seems to go these days, even a dripping chin near food.

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