Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We’ve been in the process of going through our blog’s own facelift. Not that anything was sagging; we just wanted to freshen up a bit. Some of you thought Yvette and I were actually going under the knife. We didn’t. But welcome to our new look and what could be a better time than now to talk about facelift etiquette.

We started with our resident socialite, “Joy”. We asked her what goes on with facelifts amongst friends and acquaintances.
• If you’re close to someone who has had work, they’ll usually tell you. No matter what, you must say they look great. She pointed out that there’s a lot pain and time involved, so keep it positive.
• If it’s an acquaintance and you see them one day and it’s noticeable that they’ve had work done, and look great, just say, “You look amazing.” If they ‘fess up to knife work, ask them their doctor’s name. (Don’t be surprised if some don’t share information.)
• If the work didn’t work out, don’t say anything, certainly not negative, but don’t be dishonest and say something positive – say nothing.

We also talked to Dr. John Decorato, a plastic surgeon who had some tips on expectations.
• Trust that your surgeon is trying to obtain the best possible results.
• Be realistic, results are not immediately visible.
• It is not appropriate to bring celebrity photos (People actually do this.) and ask for replication of certain features.
• Bring photos of yourself 10, 15 and 20 years earlier, it’s helpful. Ideally, a facelift will make you look refreshed, more youthful not different.

Hope this helps. Now, we have a question and be honest, it will probably be the first and last time you’ll be asked for your opinion on a facelift. What do you think of ours?


Divamom-Act II said...

I like your new face and I love the clean simplicity of your logo. It's a good look.

Bruce said...

My mother-in-law just saw an old friend yesterday who had some work done. The first words out of my mother-in-laws mouth were, "What did you do to your face!?!" Was she not supposed to say that??
P.S. YOUR facelift looks great. And I really mean it.

Jill said...

I like your new blog. The look is much fresher and inviting. I like the old photo but would also like to see a current one. Did I miss it?

Alice Jean said...

The new look is good. Lighter and fresher.

Maggie said...

Love the new look! You look more robust - which I think means refreshed in blog speak!

Anonymous said...

Well if she or he doesn't mention it in advance of the surgery..I think they didn't want people to know..but when u see them and they look great ..just say it like it is
"Wow u look fabulous or u look so rested and fresh or what are your new beauty tips u look so amazing " any compliment will make the person feel great..
And if they want to be honest about it they will let u know what has been done..xo Joy

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You were missed. Now, regarding the "work" you both had done on your site and being a copy editor and all around proofer, I offer this.

You softened the font from the hard black type to a softer grey. That works as it's more social in my opinion and while appearing more social, it does not take away from your content. The content is as good as ever, as you allow people to think and respond and you make your points both succinctly and openly.

The other thing that you kept and is important is what I call, your "Princess Picture," lol. It continues to work just fine. It's a good connection between how the site looked and by using it, you've carried the old to the new. That is continuity and it works.

Bottom line: From a guy who edited on Wall Street and now does that and much more with our City, I say, "Job well done."