Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We interviewed three successful New York brokers about the importance of etiquette for buyers and sellers.

We began by asking about use of the bathroom. A good friend of ours learned from his broker that a potential buyer had used his bathroom and left solid evidence. Our brokers understand that when nature calls, you have to answer but do the right thing and clean up. "Never had an experience with Number 2," said Mitch Davie of Mitchell Davie LLC. "But I do allow clients to use the bathroom."

Speaking of nature, if you’re selling make sure you know when there’s a showing. One broker and buyer walked in on the sellers while they were extremely busy in the bedroom!

Be careful how you treat doormen and other building staff. "Buyers don't understand. The deal starts the minute the door opens and there's a meet and greet," pointed out Andrew Phillips, EVP, Associate Broker at Halstead Properties.

One couple treated the doorman so poorly; the seller took a little less money from nicer people. Pets have clout too; one deal was a no-go because a buyer was mean to the seller’s dog.

All agree there’s little to do about looky loos, people who look without any intention of buying. Open houses are one thing but otherwise they waste brokers' time. By the way, brokers have 24 hours in their day too. Lateness isn't acceptable and not being apologetic is atrocious. "Consequently, much time is spent on phones making excuses  for why one is late," said Davie

“Be honest about what you can really afford and if your circumstances change, tell your broker,” advises Audrey Edwards, VP, Director and Associate Broker of Brown Harris Stevens. “Why be embarrassed later?”

“I also think it’s in poor taste when a buyer wants to know why someone is selling and where are they going. It’s immaterial,” Edwards adds.

"It’s also in bad form to be critical of the seller’s taste," said Phillips. "The art of the deal has nothing to do with the art."

And speaking of the art of the deal, Yvonne thought it would be interesting to get Donald Trumps’ take on etiquette. It was a long shot. A receptionist, without saying a word transferred Yvonne to a recording that offered an address and a fax. A looky loo would have received better treatment. We're just saying.


stock gurl said...

I think you should send the fax might get an answer.

Anonymous said...

A classic would be a seller that sends out multiple contracts and plays one against the other getting a higher price and then dumps the other. A seller atty prepares a ridiculous heavy handed contract We call that atty grandstanding

prismatichomes said...

Realtors do not want to offend buyers they are bringing to a property, and often tolerate bad manners. One pet peeve I have is when people drop their cigarette butts outside of the home.