Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gallery Of Rogues

About a month ago, New York's galleries opened for the new season. All over the city, countless galleries hosted openings. Some served wine, some food and some nothing. It's really about the art. Some people sweep through a gallery quickly and others stand still and study each work carefully and intently. So intently, so closely, there's nothing for others to see except the back of their head. This has probably happened to all of us. And it's not a crime. If the person doesn't know that you're standing behind him/her, you can quietly wait. Sooner or later they'll feel your presence. You can also say something like, "That's really nice." Any decent art lover, will move out of the way.

Artists like their work to be appreciated. But while you're appreciating it, unless you're the only one in the gallery, consider that others want to get a good look too. Try and tear yourself away just for a quick second to see if you've been blocking the view. Yvonne told me that just the other night she was at a photography show and people were so close they looked like they were trying to test the temperature of the glass with their noses.

Openings are really for the artists, their friends and families. It's a chance to mingle, drink wine and maybe eat a chunk of cheese. If you want to really see and enjoy the work, go back another day and appreciate it all you want in peace.

Museums are another story. Children are sweet to watch in a museum. They get excited. They're eyes light up. But when they start running around the galleries and touching ancient artifacts, statues and sculpture, the only ones getting excited are the security guards. What's a kid to do when they've probably seen an adult do the same thing? Not run around but certainly reach out and touch someone's bronzed hand.

Flashing is another annoyance. Most museums have taken pictures of the work and made postcards for you to buy in the gift shop. "No camera's, please," is a commonly heard phrase in museums. And if you like taking pictures of interiors, understand that other museum goers may not want to end up in your vacation pictures.

This seems obvious, but if you have to say something, try not to share it with the whole museum. Whispering is allowed.

Enjoy the show!

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