Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is with great pride that we endorse Barack Obama for president. We believe that he can make a difference in all of our lives, our country and the world. We also believe he can teach us the importance of etiquette and how to spell it correctly. 

We endorse him because he has shown us how to apologize - keep it simple with no qualifiers.

We endorse him because he refuses to jump on a pedestal and talk down to us, otherwise known as patronization.

We endorse him because he refuses to jump into the gutter, therefore taking us down with him. We've all heard of, 'two wrongs don't make a right'.

We endorse him because he is a gentleman. This is not a man who would remain seated while a lady is still standing. And he wouldn't sit until a woman was safely in her seat. (see debate footage with Hillary)

We endorse him because during his most difficult moment, he showed us what brutal honesty looks like when it is delivered eloquently and elegantly.

We endorse him because his open displays of affection for his wife are loving and respectful.

We endorse him for saying, "We can disagree without being disagreeable."

We endorse him because he's not mean-spirited. He has had ample opportunity to point out the lack of intelligence that has sometimes been displayed by his opponents, but he won't go there. (see jumping in the gutter)

We endorse him because he keeps it real - he doesn't mind letting the world know that he likes to play basketball. He could have grabbed golf clubs in the hopes of picking up some swing votes.

We endorse him because he doesn't roll his eyes at his opponents.

We endorse him because he knows how to say, "Thank you."

We endorse him because he has humility.

We endorse Barack Obama because he has manners and a whole lot more.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE BE HONEST OBAMA. Then we will be a country that has regained honor and common sense.

Anonymous said...

i really like this blog, yvonne and yvette...keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne, It's me Terri, Sugar's sister. I love your endorsement. I need to memorize this and recite it verbatim to everyone, including all the Mccain people that I the am surrounded by(yeech).

I am working very hard down here in Fort Lauderdale to get out the vote. I can see that he represents both HOPE and pride. Qualities that have been lacking in all Americans for way too long. Obama is so inspiring and such a role model for us all.He is a speaker of the truth delivering his message in peace