Monday, August 11, 2008

Drinking What You're Bringing

It's summertime and the living is fun and easy - parties, barbecues, etc.. When you tell your hosts that you're planning on attending and you ask her/him what shall you bring, what will you do? Take a bottle of what you drink? A gift of something other than alcohol or nothing?

If the host responds by saying, "Bring what you drink." Listen. They are looking out for you especially since you've asked.

Taking a bottle of wine when you know very well you prefer vodka is downright rude. Sure there are wines that could cost as much as a bottle of vodka or even more but are you being fair to your host? Many of us were raised to never walk into someone's home empty handed. But that doesn't mean you put any old thing in your hand.

If you drink wine, you should take wine. One reason is if your host is not an oenophile you can get stuck drinking a glass of warm white wine that some brought years ago to the party. Maybe your host and most of their friends prefer hard liquor and wine's not their thing.
On the other hand, if you like your vodka, you should take vodka, not a bottle of wine that you have no interest in drinking. And when the vodka runs out, don't start in on the gin - not only is it rude but you may have a problem.

What you decide to take also depends on the party economics. If you're being hosted by wealthy people, walking in with a bottle maybe tacky. If it's special send it ahead of time or after the party with a note.

If your hosts entertain more casually and you know what they like, a bottle what they like is fine. In this case you're can bring a bottle of wine and drink vodka or vice versa. Since they did not ask you to bring what you drink, they already know what you like and here's your opportunity to reciprocate - nicely.

Yvette and I wish you lots of fun. Drink responsibly. Cheers!

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