Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Old Bag Problem

Memo to all handbag carriers: Keep your bags to yourself, preferably in front of yourself, not behind as if it doesn't exist because it does, usually in someone else's back or stomach.

Many women don't seem to handle their handbags well. They think nothing of letting their bag trail them as they make their way through a crowded bus, train, store and worse - a cocktail party! It's as if they don't acknowledge that there is life behind them. The bigger the bag the more pronounced the detachment between owner and object. You wanted that bag, now carry it properly.

When you're in a crowd, keep your purse in front of you and if it's large, keep it low. Not only is this courteous but it's more secure if you want to keep an eye on the contents. You can't have your wine, cheese and oversized bag too. If you know that you're going to a cocktail party at the end of the day, consider carrying a handbag that'll allow you to gracefully have a drink and an hors doeurve. Do not enter a party and act like you're not carrying baggage.

Thank goodness the mania for pricey backpacks seems to have subsided. The faux hiker's seemed to have an attitude that said, "It's all right if this is in your way, I paid a lot of money for it."

Oh, an about that evening purse on the table, tacky, tacky. We know it's a tricky situation because if you're like us, you don't believe in putting your purse on the floor because it's bad luck - you'll never have money. Actually, that is true, especially when thieves use umbrellas in restaurants to remove your bag that you've placed on the floor. You can place your beaded bag behind you in the chair. It shouldn't be uncomfortable if you're sitting straight.

Remember, the next time you choose your handbag for the day, don't bag etiquette.

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