Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stealing the Show: Noisemakers, Filmmakers and Troublemakers

All Yvette wanted to do was sit back and enjoy Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald in concert. She could hear everything just fine, but McDonald’s body had a camera for a head, compliments of the bootlegging filmmaker sitting in front of her. She wondered what to do, write off the concert or take action? Hoping that he wasn’t some sort of nutcase, she took action.

“Excuse me, sir, your camera and its light are distracting and blocking my view.” He turned around and nodded his head as if to say, “Thanks for telling me.” He resumed filming. Yvette felt like a basket case for the rest of the performance

Continuing her cultural weekend, Yvette went to another concert on Sunday. “Between lack of buttiquette and cameras, it wasn’t a whole lot of fun,” she said.

I went to a play and had an ongoing narrative delivered throughout from a woman in the row behind me. If there was a sound effect of a train, the narrator said, “Train.” My companion missed the second half of the play because the couple in front of him couldn’t bare not to stick like glue to each other, so they locked arms and put their heads together forming a lumpy pyramid.

Going to the movies can be a trying experience too. Depending on where you go, forget about hearing the movie because the shouting from the audience will make sure of that. They give running commentary, take phone calls and supply their own laugh track when nothing’s funny. Some moviegoers are so important; they check messages and don’t give a hoot about the light their devices throw off.

I would’ve whispered something to the couple at the play. “Excuse me, these seats are really low and I can’t see.” I didn’t say anything to the lady behind me because I realized she was sitting with her grandchildren, hence, all the clarifications. I’d stay away from the loud bunch, their actions are already telling you how they’re going to react to your requests.

Enjoy the show, as much as you can.


Our friend’s birthday party was fabulous. Gifts and flowers were delivered before hand and we suspect afterwards too. Some guests brought presents and discreetly hid them in the foyer to be discovered later by our friend who was delightfully surprised.

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Jamie said...

I was in the front orchestra at the SF opera last night. The person who normally sits next to me had given her tickets to a young couple. They were dressed too casually which would have been ok if they did not share drinks from a bottle of water and fondle each other. She put her naked leg over his lap into my seat space. He stroked her leg throughout the performance. Extremely distracting!