Friday, September 26, 2008


We think this one gets first prize for the tackiest, dumbest, stupidest question.  It's also mean spirited because someone who has a love life (or thinks they have one or is about to lose one) is usually the one posing the question.  

If you have to ask someone this question, this means that you're totally out of line because you aren't even a good friend.  Or perhaps you have to ask because unbeknownst to you, you are no longer considered worthy to be privy to this information.  If someone has a love life, they will tell you. It's just that simple.  The question has no value.  What's the answer? Is it a perky, "I don't have a love life."? 

Since we're twins, people think everything about us should be in sync. "Does your sister have a boyfriend, too?" We love opportunities to change the subject, it makes for a more interesting conversation. 

Smug couples like asking their single friends about their love lives. It's as if they have some divine right to pry.  If this happens to you, just know you've hit pay dirt. Smile sweetly, don't answer the question. Instead, ask, "How's yours?" Note the lips curling, the eyes no longer dancing and the disappearing smiles.

When Yvonne lived in Italy, where it seems like the whole country is married, people always wanted to know about her personal life. I remember her telling me that every time she'd come back from a great vacation, the first question from married friends was, "Did you meet anybody?" It was if the whole point of going on vacation was to meet someone.  That she had a great time and saw something new and interesting didn't matter.  The entire vacation was cancelled or a flop because she didn't meet SOMEONE.  Tired of this tired question, she shut one friend up for good.  The woman, married to a wealthy man, had come back from a fabulous vacation with her husband.  "How was it?" she asked. Yvonne had just come back from Tangier. "Did you meet anyone?"  
"No," Yvonne responded, "Did you?" 

The woman never asked Yvonne that question again.  And no one else should ever ask it either.

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