Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mind If I Don't Mind My Manners? By Yvonne

What happened to the civilized world while we were on sabbatical?  Such horrors!

A wonderful dip being assaulted by shameless double dipping! 

Men and women becoming motionless doormen as they block exit doors on buses and look at you funny when you say, “Excuse me." The nerve!

A woman sitting in the window of a sandwich shop, flossing her teeth!

Younger men looking at their feet as elderly women and men stand on their feet!

The list goes on and on. 

Pictured, a young woman, so tuckered out from her weekend, decided to make herself at home (no doubt, in her home it was fine to put your feet on the furniture with shoes on) on a crowded train.  When the conductor asked her to sit up, it didn’t occur to her to wipe off the seat for a fellow passenger.

Have you seen any good or bad manners recently?  Do tell.

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Cheryl Green said...

Where I live in Riverdale, it must be customary for some people to stand their children with their outdoor footwear on bus seats! I see it so often, that I am tempted to make up little cards to hand out to these thoughtless, selfish parents before I disembark, that simply say, "Seats are made for sitting-- NOT for the bottoms of your child's dirty feet!