Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Children Sit Still In The Wrong Place By Yvonne

I watched these two kids sit in seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. Neither child fit these criteria. They sat quietly and well behaved as seniors walked by searching for seats. One woman looked as if she were about to ask, thought about it and moved on.

Their mother was sitting nearby. Most likely she suggested they sit there, this way she could see them. I get it, to her it's a safety measure. To me, it's a shame. And then we wonder why adults displaying poor manners day in and day out is the status quo.

I'm sure they were good kids, they were just doing what they were told. That, they did.

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vinoth said...

When adults fail to follow manners how can they expect their child to do so? It's very silly to sacrifice manners for their own comfort, in this case it's the mother's safety about the children.