Monday, February 10, 2014


            I was on a packed train one evening trying to find my center as I was jostled from all directions.  A Yogini was nearby and as she tried to find her center, she knocked me off mine with the yoga mat hanging off her back.

            Many of my friends practice yoga and I believe them when they tell me how great they feel, how at peace and centered they feel - I can see it. But does it put you in such a special place that nothing else matters? Centered I get, self-centered I don't. 
            I didn’t say anything; I just tried to stay out of her way.  I was annoyed but not too concerned as I am with backpacks. Yoga mats have no hardware, they have a friendlier texture and hers was a tranquil blue. But it took everything I had not to ask, “Umm, could you watch that mat? It’s in my space.” I took a deep breath instead.



Anonymous said...

i love that line you have...." Centered I get...self-centered I don't " !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I chuckled - and can empathize with your Yogini experience - but I definitely would have said to her, "excuse me - can you watch that mat?" I get around on crutches (everywhere) and you'd be surprised how many people will not respect my space (or anyone else's) and shove into me. If it's a cute guy I'll sometimes joke, "are you trying to get upfront and personal? (with a smile) but more often I'll say - "oops, watch it". When made aware of their self-centered, space-stealing behavior I found the vast majority of people will apologize.
Maybe they think I'll hit them with a crutch? lol