Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Recently, on a magnificent spring day, I, Yvonne was having lunch with friends at a restaurant called Robert, a very nice restaurant on the top floor of MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) boasting wonderful views.

We had a great window table, the only problem, when I chose to look straight ahead there was a teenager having lunch with her parents. Instead of seeing another angle of Columbus Circle, I was privy to seeing tens of thousands of dollars of braces accompanied by smacking noises. 

“My ex-husband eats like that,” a friend yelled. “I couldn’t stand it.”  She said she would point it out but it was too late to break an old habit. 

Yvette and I were tasters on the cooking/talk show, 'The Chew’. The audience director told me not to worry if food slops while we’re eating, “Just have fun.”  Since when did getting on national television and purposely letting food fall out of your mouth become fun?

That food even gets to the mouths of many is a miracle with the way in which forks and knives are held. But when it does get there, must it ruin the view of nearby diners?
Depending on the person showing off their food to you, consider your relationship. If it’s your child, you have every right to correct him/her, the same goes for your companion although you may not want to say anything in the company of others. If it’s a friend you see once in awhile, consider not dining with them, you can always have a drink.  It's really difficult to drink with an open mouth.

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KimP said...

"That food even gets to the mouths of many is a miracle..." LOL Now that's funny.

I love the saying chew as if you're keeping a secret. My personal dining annoyance is when people suck food out of their teeth, only to make it worse by using a toothpick when the sucking doesn't work. SMH