Wednesday, October 5, 2011


“He’s made a horrible mistake,’ a man whispered to his girlfriend.” I, Yvonne, didn’t understand the big deal. “What’s wrong with a man doing that?“ I asked my friend’s fidanzato.

“Maybe in America, but the person in the lower position doesn’t extend his hand to a person in a higher position.” His fidanzata wasn’t of noble blood and neither was the man who had the audacity to want to shake her hand as a kind gesture. But her boyfriend was on to something according to basic handshaking etiquette.

• A man doesn’t extend his hand to a woman; it’s up to the woman if she wants him to have the pleasure of touching her hand.

• A commoner upon meeting Queen Elizabeth should wait for the Queen to extend her hand. And if you’re going to the same event, don’t show up after her arrival, it's in bad form.  And even though she made people wait, you still have to wait for her to extend her hand.

Apparently, when it comes to handshaking, we have to have a good idea of our place or rank in society. It can be very confusing so better to be humble and assume that you don’t rank as high as the person you’re meeting. Wait for the them to extend their hand, as you would do if you were meeting a queen.


Alice Jean said...

Now I know what to do when I meet the Queen. I was a little worried. Thanks.

Of course I'll still probably make a mistake in the handshake etiquette.

Anonymous said...

In regards to shaking hands: I do not shake hands with men, they don't wash their hands after using the bath room!