Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Open Door Policy

A good and frustrated friend of ours suggested this post. He's not frustrated with his life nor doors per se, he just doesn't understand why many women can't seem to manage to thank him when he holds a door open for them. We don't get it either. "I wouldn't dare say anything because that wouldn't be gentlemanly, but it's getting annoying," he added. He's not alone. "The worst ones are the women so busy on their cell phones, it's as if you don't exist and the door opened on its own," pointed out another gentleman we know. He knows he shouldn't but on occasion he's yelled, "You're welcome." 

We've probably all been "doormen" at a certain point. The classic, is at an entrance to a department store when due to good manners you hold the door for one person and suddenly you're it for throngs of shoppers. And not one person thanks you for it.

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Ladies, in case you're wondering where all the gentlemen are these days, they're at the door  wondering where are all the ladies.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! It sounds great.

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, my twin sister insisted she was independent & refused to let men open doors for her. One stormy day, she refused the gesture from a good friend, opend the door herself & slipped on the wet floor. Ever since that day, she's been ok with gentlemen opening a door for her!

UncleZo said...

I am not above yelling "your welcome" or just not opening the door at all. I have taken to standing on the other side of the door and having a stare down while waiting for the other person to open the door. By the way, men are also guilty not saying "thank you", at least they don't catch as much as an attitude as women do when called out for being rude.