Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Monte's Ham
There’s nothing like a dependable ham to serve up at a cocktail party. No one knows this better or does this better than Monte Mathews of Monte’s Ham.

After recently observing one guest ripping off a piece of ham with their bare hands at a party, we thought it was time to give time to ham matters and manners. We asked Monte for some tips.

1. Never try to eat more than a biteful. If you’re the host, note that a piece of ham shouldn’t be larger than a 1-1 ½ inch square.

2. Ham sandwiches are great for cocktail parties, but they should be pre-made and not so big as if they’re going to be packed into a lunch box. Monte prefers Martin potato rolls. He finds party rye and pumpernickel breads too dry.

3. The perfect sandwich should have a layer of mayonnaise, honey mustard and a nice touch is a thin slice of English cucumber (Apparently, these can be found in America.)

4. If the host hasn’t pre-made sandwiches and you’re on your own, go easy on the mayonnaise and mustard and go easy on the host - if there’s no 23 whole grain bread provided, work with what’s there.

5. Never load up your cocktail napkin with a mound of sandwiches or other goodies. Greed is not good.


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Anonymous said...

Liked the addition of English cucumber.