Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did You Wash Your Hands? Olivia J Wants To Know.

Olivia J is pretty, pretty smart, and pretty clean. She’s eleven years old and knows that it all comes out in the wash. Well, maybe not everything but Olivia knows that if we wash our hands the right way, something’s going to come out in the wash.

There are children and adults among us who will run out of the bathroom skipping another important pit stop - the sink. Sadly, for many it won’t be a new habit, it’s one that was never learned or enforced by parents and caregivers.

We asked Olivia a few questions about the importance of washing hands and how she handles the subject with her friends and fellow classmates.

1. Do you remember when your parents taught you the importance of washing your hands?

Yes, I do. And I remember them saying (actually more my mom) every time I came out of the bathroom to wash my hands. And I did. More recently, they have enforced the rule of coming home and washing your hands. And every time one of my friends comes over, I always tell them to wash their hands!

2. How many of the kids you go to school with leave the bathroom without washing their hands? A lot? Most? A few?

Not a lot. It's actually more of the boys than girls. I don't know why. But, some of the boys in my grade are very good about washing their hands.

3. Do you ever confront kids that don't wash their hands?

Yes, I confront them when I don't hear the sink going on, and the minute they come out of the bathroom, I ask them if they’ve washed their hands.

4. What do they say to you? Are they embarrassed?

They usually just groan and go back into the bathroom. And usually, just to bug them, when they come out again, I say: "Did you use soap?" Then they usually groan again and go back in. It's really pretty funny. :)

5. What advice would you give people?

I would say, when it comes to touching anything that other people have touched, ALWAYS CARRY HAND SANITIZER!

6. Any other gross habits you see?

Well, sometimes. A lot of people know this, but, something like little kids picking their noses, again, HAND SANITIZER!

Olivia J has spoken and we agree. Thank you.


Marisa Birns said...

After washing hands in public restroom, I always use paper towel to open the door, since those people who don't wash their hands touch the handle.

Anonymous said...

Good habits begin in the home, and at an early age. Apparently many people don't teach their children good habits because they themselves don't practice good habits.

Good for you Olivia, keep up the good work by spreading the message.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people do the "open the door with the hand towel trick," but please remember to throw the towels in a trash can, not on the floor. Thanks!