Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toothpicks Are Picky And Tricky And Tacky (Update)

We're about to enter some serious dining as the holiday season begins. , so we thought we would revisit this artifact of poor taste. (We would like it to become an artifact.)
Beware of toothpicks, they are like a trick question, use one, especially in the company of others at a table, you're done. Cathy Treboux of Le Veau D'or wishes diners wouldn't ask for them. And please, covering your mouth while picking isn't hiding a thing. Just excuse yourself from the table and go to the bathroom to liberate the offending morsel.

*This originally ran last winter, we thought it was worth talking about again because we've spotted tooth pickers at cookouts recently. Just because it may be a more casual setting still doesn't mean you should sit at the picnic table picking away at the piece of meat or corn stuck in between your teeth. Why not take a hike into a nearby wooded area and pick to  your heart's content?


Anonymous said...

I read your blog last week, I hope I wasn’t the spitter, if I was I apologize profusely!!! And I agree with the toothpicks, they should only be offered in the ladies/mens room only!!!

About Me said...

Completely agree. Although I do not use toothpicks, I have seen them used out in restaurants and other public places. Never really thought how they can be offensive and certainly out of good etiquette behavior. I am sure people who see this note will take note and do the right thing. Oscar Carter

Jack@Dentist Ithaca NY said...

Never sure what kind of toothpicks you're going to get. I can't honestly say that they're the best thing for your teeth, but they do remove a lot of things quickly, especially right after eating.