Wednesday, June 23, 2010


As we all know, texting and talking while driving can be deadly. And now we’re beginning to see that texting,talking and listening to music while walking can sometimes be pretty severe.
Body slamming by techno zombies so engrossed in their devices seems to be commonplace these days. They’re oblivious to who’s behind them (you don’t want to be if you’re on an escalator) and who is walking toward them. Next thing you know, if you’re not swift enough, CRASH!

An acquaintance of ours learned his lesson the hard way. He was crossing the street while holding a conversation and didn’t see it coming – a car. Fortunately, the driver had slowed down and our friend ended up on his back on the road. He’s fully recuperated and now fully understands sometimes you just can’t do two things at once.

If you have to make the call or write the text, move yourself out of the flow of pedestrian traffic, it’s safer and considerate. And it keeps people out of your business. During the course of the day, we’re all privy to way too much information as people recount the latest in their lives on their cell phones.

And a word on music -just because it’s music to your ears, doesn’t mean it music to the person’s ears next to you. Music that's too loud sounds more like a band of tin cans. When that happens, you can either remove yourself from the listener’s area or get their attention and ask them nicely (They won’t hear you.) by mouthing, “Could you turn down the volume, please?” And then there are those music lovers who are so busy marching to the drummer in their ears, they walk at pace that’s out of step, creating another kind of collision.

We’re all for progress, but as we continue to walk into the future let’s avoid walking into each other.


Divamom-Act II said...

You always come to the rescue with the little annoyances in life that need attention. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Yvonne, and so true!!