Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We recently were invited to be audience members on the Wendy Williams Show. Wendy is a down-to-earth, smart and funny woman who has made a seamless transition from radio to television.

We were led into a VIP waiting section and as we walked through the main waiting room, we noticed everyone was camera ready and waited patiently. In the VIP room we could’ve helped ourselves to the doughnut holes and coffee but we were already hyped up.

Before show time there’s a warm up with driving music that’s makes it hard for you to sit still in your seat, in fact, many can’t. They make their way to the stage and dance as if they were in a club somewhere in the middle of the night, not nine o’clock in the morning.

The show’s staff, from security to coordinators to the producer was good natured and helpful. As harried as the seating person was, she directed us to our seats calmly and courteously. And even when the cameras weren’t rolling, Wendy kept on chatting and joking with the audience as the producer counted down 3, 2, 1, to going ‘live”.

We had a great time and it was even more exciting because we were “discovered” by Wendy. She spoke to us on camera when she noticed we were identical twins.

Here’s what we learned about how to be stellar studio participants:

Do look your best; you want to be ready for your close-up. (We left our respective apartments around 7:30am dressed to the nines.)

Do go to the restroom before entering the studio, it’ll be awhile before you get a second chance and only five are invited, don’t be shy.

Do not take the opportunity to present your goals and aspirations to Wendy if she chooses to ask you, “How you doin? ” which is her trademark phrase. (This isn’t THE RESUME SHOW!)

Do clap with enthusiasm; it looks better on TV than a bored, not-too-interested clap. Watch the producers—they will tell you when to sit or stand.

Don’t make faces or try to steal the show as one guest did as he began voguing when he realized he was on camera and Wendy was in the shot.

Don’t fumble with your jewelry or hair and better not pick your nose even if you think the cameras aren’t rolling. This is not how you want to embark on your 15 minutes of fame. Remember to show your pearly whites and expressions that demonstrate that you’re engaged with what Wendy or her guests are talking about. (Cameras are always panning the audience.)

Do plan to stay for the duration of the taping. After the live show is over, the star and her crew tape promos.

At the end of the show we realized that even though we had VIP tickets – everyone is treated like and feels like a VIP on Wendy’s show. Guess that’s what happens when folks mind their manners – behind the cameras, on the stage and in the audience.


Unknown said...

I have always loved listening to Wendy Williams. She is a real "keep real Sista". She can get pretty raw with her opinions and advice but she always speaks from her gut. With all that fabulous mouth and hair to go with it, one would be surprised to know that she is also one of the most thoughtful talk show personalities/celebrities in the business. I mean she's up there with Ms. Winfrey herself. About a month ago a sent Wendy and her staff some homemade baskets of my body care line Butter By Keba, It was pouring cats and pit bulls the day I hand delivered them. I was so nervous that the bags were wet and she'd look at them and say "oh no she didn't drop these soggy gifts here". I even had my friend Byron (good friend and my Wendy connect)call her assistant to apologize for their condition.
Well don't you know, just a week or so later, I received an adorable little envelope with a handwritten personalized Wendy Williams card in it? I was so touched it brought tears to my eyes. It said "Thank you so much for the wonderful gift" signed Wendy Williams. That card is posted over my desk still. So many in the entertainment business could learn from Mrs. Williams. She is a true and real CLASS ACT.


African-American Brides said...

Well, I have to be honest and admit that I never expected to see this post from you ladies, lol. Is this the same Wendy Williams who heated up a Slim Jim with a lighter on the air and ate it a few weeks ago? Oh, she may not be my cup of tea, but your experience definitely shows a different side of her show. As always, I'm glad you had a good time!

2020 said...

Heated up a slim jim with a lighter... that's hilarious. Sounds like my kind of cuisine.

Humor and Spice said...

I requested tickets for next Wednesday and still haven't gotten an email telling me if my request was approved or not. Is this normal? When should I find out if I got tickets? The site says 1 to 2 weeks, but I'm starting to worry. The show still has tickets available, by the way.