Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There's been a lot of talk about the spirit of the Haitian people. It is strong and determined, we've seen it at work day in and day out ever since this horrific natural disaster.

The other day, we saw something quite wonderful on a news report. A line of Haitian children had been waiting for hours in the blistering sun for a bottle of water. As they were each handed one, not only were there smiles of gratitude but each and every child said, "Thank you," the newscaster reported. They were sweet, gracious and deserving of so much more than just a bottle of water. But, they wrapped their small hands around the bottle with their heads held up high - their eyes were bright and hopeful.

As many of us are already doing as much as we can, lets remember the brightness of those children's eyes and their gracious spirits, as we continue to do as much as we can for the people of Haiti.

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