Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Be A Perfect Guest On A Private Plane

We’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things but we’re still a couple of private jet virgins. So that we’ll know what to do when the time comes, we asked a couple of seasoned travelers for some tips.

“Wait for the owner of the plane to assign you a seat,” advises Joy. “To me, it’s the most important rule.” Our friend, Martin, who also travels well, agrees but points out the importance of being punctual. “If ‘wheels up’ is at 9am, make sure you’re there 30 to 45 minutes ahead of time and don’t ask your host for a lift to the airport.” He suggests that you arrange your own transportation and ask for the tail number of the plane.

Unlike going to someone’s home, no need to arrive bearing gifts or a bottle of liquor. ”If it’s a business trip, no gift is necessary,” advises Joy. “If a friend is giving you a lift, you can offer dinner at the destination or send an orchid to the hotel or home where they’ll be staying. Never buy a gift for the plane. They’ve spent millions, it’s already outfitted.” She said there’s nothing wrong with a lovely thank you note.

Martin likes to offer to cater a meal. For example, if it’s a morning flight he’ll bring breakfast from a good deli and give it to the flight attendant to organize.

Always ask your host if it’s all right to bring your clubs along. Don’t over pack, it’s considered bad form to arrive with your whole set of luggage no matter how fabulous it is.

Try and take care of your important natural function of the day before boarding the plane (this is a real tip).

And since you’re really flying high, Martin suggests a pair of sunglasses. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Boy! Didn't think anyone still owned up to this kind of luxury these days!

About Me said...

Sounds great; I will however, have to take my Dramamine an hour before take off. Sometimes this is difficult to estimate when the flight is late as the medicine wears off. The pilots and crew do not want to experience my sickness nor do I. I will call in advance to the crew with this information. Otherwise, I look forward to my next private plane flight, hopefully a jet.

Oscar Carter
Creating A World Community

Harris Safier said...

These insights are very helpful. I had not thought about this niche before. It gets the fantasy mind working. What would it be like? Next step, find myself some hugely successful friends, and get very close to them. Or, more practically, launch my new internet site, and change the way New Yorkers find their best place to move outside the city. (coming Sept 1) Though, I think for environmental reasons, I'll still fly commercial, just upgrade to first class once in a while.