Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your Neighbor's Dirty Laundry

Yvette has seen some disturbing behavior in her laundry room and suspects that it’s happening in yours too. You may even be the perpetrator of this dreadful habit – separating your dirty clothes in the very carts that your neighbors have to use for their clean clothes. This must stop immediately. It’s unsanitary and inconsiderate. Why should your clean clothes have to absorb your neighbor’s dirt and who knows what else? Remember, bedbugs are on the rise.

Sorting of clothes should take place in your apartment or at the washing machine straight from the laundry bag or your own cart. Spreading stained clothes on the folding table in order to use stain remover is another bad idea.

Part II of laundry time has its issues too. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing your clean, wet clothes in a cart or on top of a machine’s dusty surface (This really happened, a woman put someone’s clothes on top of the machine and thought she was doing the right thing until Yvette pointed out the contrary.) compliments of a neighbor. But it’s your responsibility to tend to your own wash and timing is everything. It wouldn't hurt to acknowledge your lateness and let them know that you understand.

If you find yourself in the situation of needing a machine and you’ve waited at least five minutes for someone to claim their clothes, remove them and put them in a cart. You can say when the owner of the forgotten load finally arrives, “I'm sorry I had to take your clothes out. I waited but there wasn’t another machine available.” Since all parties think they're right when it comes to laundry room encounters always try to be as civil as positive.

However you handle it, remember, it all comes out in the wash.


Anonymous said...

Very cute and incredibly true-to-laundry-life!!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

A wash, a dry -- be responsible.

In the average rental building, there are people paying lower rents
(stahalized or a few still rent-controlled buildings) and higher rents (you
know who you are). But laundryroom etiquette has absolutely nothing to do
with how much one pays for an apartment.

First and foremost. if you must go upstairs (or those hired to come in for
taking care of your laundry and usually the worst offenders), set a timer
for FIVE minutes before the load or loads will finish and go back to the
laundryroom. Understand that others are not required to stand around and
waste valuable moments of their lives while you're struggling with getting
or keeping yours together. When a wash cycle ends and no one is there to
remove it from a washer, I put it in one of the two stainless steel baskets
provided by our building. If there's more than one load, I keep them
separated and move them aside. I don't like doing it, but it's preferable
to waiting until someone REMEMBERS the laundry.

We are our brothers' keeper in a kinder world, but not his servant.

Here's a tip. Most laundryrooms have chairs and tables for folding the
clotes coming out of the dryer. What's the problem with taking your OWN
time to stay with the wash to remove it and put it in the dryer? Take a
book, a magazine or your iPod and be on top of the chore that's yours and
can become an annnoyance for someone else on a tight schedule.

Anonymous said...

I once saw a woman in the elevator with a fantastic
black nylon circular cart with wheels for her laundry.
I asked her about it
and she said that it event folds up flat for storage.
I immediately went to Bed Bath Beyond and bought one
I think it is Martha Stewart brand (of course)
I always get comments about it in the elevator.

Anonymous said...

You can also put together a nice little suggestion posting in the
laundryroom -- Things That Benefit Everybody It may inspire better behavior
in some of the slobs -- but that may be like thinking I'll win MegaLotto

1. Please be aware that others are waiting to use the machines, so try to
be around when your wash/dry finishes.
2. Please bring a few paper towels or a sponge to clean up spills of any of
the things you're using in your wash, especially chlorine bleach. (We've
all had clothes ruined by sloppy usage of laundry products!)

Anonymous said...

Good one.