Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stinkin' Office Affairs

Unemployment is high but many still go to work everyday and spend eight hours or more in cubicles. Gone are the days of the sacred door that gave us privacy in our own office. We'd like to think that most of us are considerate of our office neighbors but come meal time, or just during the course of the day the best of us can become, well, annoying.

Does Mr. Slurpee realize how annoying he sounds as he sucks the last drops of his beverage even when it's all gone?

Ms. Snappee pops and snaps away obliviously. Every now and then a sound will come out of her mouth that one would expect to come out at the other end. At least Ms. Snappee doesn’t do what Ms. Bubbles does; she likes to blow bubbles right in your face.

And let's not forget Mr. Empty. He eats the last cookie on the plate and just can't make take the few steps to put plate in the dishwasher. He's probably the same person who left the teensy corner of milk in the container and put it back in the refrigerator.

Meet Miss Pickover. She always picks the cheese off of a slice of pizza and puts it back in the box with the untouched slices.

And then there are The Foodies. They eat exotic lunches from around the world and don't seem to care about the pungent aromas we're forced to inhale. On occasion, they'll have something more familiar like bacon and eggs. Fine, but better if you’re in a diner.

The workplace isn't an open market where anything goes. Today, at lunch time, if you're eating at your desk, think about what's between the bread or on the plate or in your cup. And if you must have a piece of gum, try not to disturb the peace.

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