Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn Off Your Gaydar Day

Yvette and I proclaim today,  Turn Off Your Gaydar Day. Let's try for one day to not wonder who is gay and who is not. Let's consider all the other things there are to consider about our fellow man or woman. Speculating on a person's sexuality is tired and tacky and more of us do it than not. 

It's become a national parlor game and not just among straights. It can be mean spirited and hurtful.  Yvette thinks it's creepy. "When people spend their time talking about a person's sexuality, something so personal, to me they become the freaks they think gays are."

This kind of conversation does nothing to improve the quality of one's life. It shows people who you are - maybe we like gossip to a certain extent but who wants to be around a gossip?  Men are marrying men, women are marrying women openly and happily. So what's the big deal? Try and be more interesting today. Dig in and let your humanity out of the closet.

We think that the only time it is important to discuss someone's sexuality is if, for example, a girlfriend has a serious crush on a guy and you know for a fact that he is gay, then and only then do we believe you have something to say. But you better know what you're talking about. The conversation cuts both ways. Maybe you have a friend who is gay or lesbian and she or he is interested in someone they're convinced is the same. If you know better, you need to tell your friend.

Today, let's stay out of other people's business and bedrooms. Let's be different.


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