Thursday, August 13, 2009

House Guesting: Ten Questions That'll Keep You Home Next Weekend

We're going to take some time off and we hope you will too. For the next few weeks, we'll be running posts from our archives.

Try any of these questions the next time you're invited to someone's weekend house and see what happens.
  1. Is this the only television you have?
  2. Did you know the upstairs bathroom toilet is stopped up?
  3. What's for dinner?
  4. Is this the only bottle of champagne you have?
  5. Did you buy any fish?
  6. I don't eat meat, you have any bean curd?
  7. You have a fly swatter?
  8. What's for lunch?
  9. You have any wine?
  10. Will this red wine stain come off your sofa?
Have anymore questions? Email them to us.


tintin said...

Why is Channel 4 outside your door?

I only worked for Bernie a couple of years.

Where's the closest international airport?

Will Cathy and Robert visit me in jail.

Have a beautiful weekend. The Trad

Anonymous said...

After a week on Martha's Vineyard with my son, grand daughter, and the the baby's mom I was relived after the last house guest left...7in all in and out and I hosted a dinner part for 10 to boot. I was looking forward to moving on to Wellfleet who asked me to stop for a couple of nights of art and the beach and then on to Provincetown to my favorite inn far away from the maddening crowd in the west end.Well, my friends in Wellfleet had a dinner party and invited a rather animated lady to the table. I was in a white linen Moshoo top and white linen slacks. The next thing I knew a glass of RED wine came flying across the table at jet speed. An accident while one guest was passing the steak platter and talking (too much) at the same time. I knew I should have stuck to sea food. Baptism by red wine was a new experience for me. Needless to say my host were mortified until I broke out in laughter...the poor lady who really needed to sit on her hands was crushed. I quickly stripped of the top and headed for the cold water and put on another top. She really got the slacks too so after dinner I changed and added them to a great soak. In the morning all was linen again and I could wait to get to the condo with deck overlooking the beach I had rented for and by-myself. No one's houseguest and no guest. Cell phone off (no red wine) It's amazing how many friends you have when you have a house near the beach.

Anonymous said...

How about, "When are you leaving?"

Kevin G said...

'Is this the only (fill blank) you have?

Paul said...

"Are you going to wear that?"
"How much did you pay for ___?"
"Where is the remote?"