Sunday, April 3, 2016



Let’s face it, when you sign on to brunch, you’re signing on to a deal.  You have agreed to a meal with a beverage thrown in (maybe one or two or three!)

Fair enough to ask that no onions be added your scrambled eggs because you’re allergic. But if you want the Cobb salad without the bacon, cheese, and chicken, then you really don’t want a Cobb salad. You want more of a green salad with some chopped egg on top and doesn’t include a drink. Remember, the beauty of the brunch for the restaurant and diner is that it’s usually a prepared done deal.  If you have that many restrictions, then maybe brunch isn’t the deal of a meal for you.

Today, I had the pleasure of hearing the all time stupid request – “Can you put the vodka for our drinks in a separate glass?” Aha! No doubt they figured this would embarrass the restaurant into giving them more vodka than they think they’re getting. (This particular restaurant is known for their good pours.) The waiter explained that there would be a charge for the vodka straight up. Wouldn’t you know, all of a sudden their Bloody Marys were just fine. Talk about trust issues.

Eat, drink and be merry, and be nice.

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