Monday, May 5, 2014


1.     A neighbor letting her dog relieve himself in the entrance of the building.
2.     A man leaving a building and announcing his departure with a big spit.
3.     A large, young lady standing in the doorway of the bus with no intentions of making room for exiting passengers.
4.     A man in a bar acting like he wanted something when all he wanted to do was use the bathroom. He left his kid at the bar making it look like the kid wanted something.
5.     A young man with a huge backpack doing a 360 on a packed train.
6.     A woman getting on a bus with a cane and no one budged (I would have but I was standing up.)
7.     A cashier giving me my change and saying, “Thanks, hon.”
8.     A couple hugging and kissing at the top of the steps leading to the train station. Oh, did I mention they were leaning against the handrail?
9.     A woman coughing without covering her mouth.  (I nicely asked her to cover her mouth, and she did!)
10.  Since I doubt she reads my blog, my neighbor thinks the table in our hallway was put there expressly to store strollers underneath. The rent’s too damn high for that kind of mess!

Question:  What have you seen in the last ten days that strikes you as rudeness?

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