Sunday, January 12, 2014

ETIQUETTE 2014 By Yvonne

  Happy  New Year and to all the best of manners. Here’s the 2014 hit list of thoughts about how we can make life more pleasant for friends, family, fellow citizens and ourselves. A dear friend, Monte Mathews of Monte’s Ham contributed greatly to this post. (See numbers 5 through 11)

  1. Perhaps we can cut in half the half-versations we have to hear throughout the day. Why share your mundane daily events with others? Have you no shame?
  2. Emails are expedient and a great way to avoid confrontation, but returning a phone call (Remember those?) with an email is lame and rude.
  3. Keep your pets to yourself. This is really about dogs. I saw a man get into a cab earlier this week with all the muck still on the ground; he let the dog jump onto the seat. I can safely assume he didn’t wipe the seat off when they got out. No one wants to wear your dog’s paw prints on their coats. Same goes for small children footprints.
  4. Hand-free yawning has got to stop. It’s unattractive and can be unpleasant when a whiff of bad breath comes out.
  5.  Never take an smartphone or any other electronic device into a meeting. It is just plain rude, implies you've got better things to do and it is an interruption to any reasonable discourse.
  6. A personal thank you note or letter is even more prized
    now that people think that an email will suffice or even worse,
    no thank you at all.
  7. No one should expect email responses the same day.
    A 24-hour time frame is the bare minimum for answering
    emails--not 24 minutes or seconds.
  8. The older you are, the better you must dress:
    As the Duchess of Windsor once said "When you get
    old, you must be very, very clean and dress very, very well.
  9. I must admit, as someone who grew up having to
    give their seats up on public transportation to anyone older
    than one's self which means in the case of a child, pretty well
    everyone) why children, is a mystery to me,  in New York should be seated regardless
    of the age of any of their fellow passengers. 
  10. Never chew gum in public.  If you want to know why,
    watch yourself in a mirror chewing gum once and you
    will never do it again. 
  11. The use of foul language diminishes any conversation
    but most of all, it diminishes what people think of you.

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