Sunday, September 8, 2013


            One breezy summer evening we were headed out to a party. Happy to find a taxi, we slipped in and shut the door. So far, nothing unusual to report, right?  When we went to shut the door our hand sunk into a wad of tissue. Maybe it had been used to wipe a brow.  Maybe someone blew their nose and thought that the designer of the car’s interior was so detailed oriented that he/she thought about what could they do for a passenger to make their ride more enjoyable and pleasant without a dirty tissue to think about. We don’t think so.
            And while we’re on the subject of what to do with used tissues and napkins, when at cocktail party, wrap your used cocktail napkin into a fresh one instead of handing the bartender a balled up mess of moisture. Or, if you’re thinking green, you can even find a receptacle, throw it away yourself and save on paper.
            It’s easy to know the right thing to do, put yourself in the place of the person doing the serving or cleaning and think about what you’d like to handle or be handed. It’s snot what you think.

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Anonymous said... that last line....should be your subject.."it's snot what you think" funny !!!!!!love it !